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What is Backflow Prevention & Compliance?

Most water systems are designed to move water in a single direction, but a significant change in pressure or a rupture in the water line can send water flowing in the wrong direction and draw contaminants such as stormwater, chemicals, fertilizers, and other hazardous substances into the water system. This process poses serious health risks for anyone relying on the water system for their everyday needs, and is called backflow or back-siphoning.

As an industry leader in residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal plumbing, Georgia Plumbing Services has the skills and expertise to handle backflow prevention testing and equipment installation jobs throughout the greater Atlanta region.

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The professionally trained plumbing technicians at Georgia Plumbing Services have the precision and attention to detail needed to install the perfect backflow prevention device on your property. We can also conduct yearly testing of your backflow prevention devices to ensure they’re running at peak effectiveness and efficiency.

If you own property and you have received a county compliance letter requiring you to install a backflow prevention device, our team is ready to handle all of your needs and resolve your compliance issue as quickly as possible.

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